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Ryan Post, Beta-Tau
Grand Council Candidate 

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I have believed in Sigma Pi since the day I put on my pledge pin. This brotherhood has given me so much support, so many opportunities, and so many amazing friends over the past 14 years that I look forward to the next ways I can serve and thus give back to our fraternityi. I have had the privilege to serve Sigma Pi previously as an undergraduate leader, as an alumnus volunteer, as a Chapter Director, and as a national Committee Chairman. Each of these opportunities to serve my brothers has been treasured and appreciated. I Believe that our fraternity is at a critical point in time that requires data driven critical thinking, multi-perspective analysis for all decision making, and embracing a continuous improvement mindset across the entire organization. These are qualities that I have developed and honed over my career of fraternity leadership and as a Lead Engineer at Whirlpool Corporation.

I believe that we've done some amazing things in Sigma Pi but the best is yet to come and look forward to the opportunity to serve my brothers as a member of the Grand Council of Sigma Pi.


Carolyn Whittier, Ph.D.
Assistant Vice President for Student Life

I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work with Ryan over his more than eight years as the Chapter Advisor for the men at Valparaiso University. Ryan is thoughtful, committed, passionate, and loyal - all which make him an exceptional chapter advisor. Ryan's commitment to Sigma Pi has not shown any boundaries during my time working with him. He is committed to the undergraduate experience and is a thoughtful partner with the host institution as well. I am always thrilled when a local volunteer strives to be involved on the national level, and Ryan would be an outstanding leader for Sigma Pi on its Board of Directors. 


Tom Broadfoot, President
Beta Tau House Corp




House Corp has benefited working with you as Chapter Director in many ways.  You’ve assisted us in sharing information from other fraternities on campus.  You’ve included us in communications that have allowed us to be a better landlord and avoid problems to grow out of proportion. House Corp runs better because of you.  Thanks for all you do for the house and alumni.

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Frankie Vazquez, Past Sage
Beta-Tau Chapter


Ryan Post was a priceless asset to me from the first day I became Sage of the Beta Tau chapter. I took office as a sophomore looking to lead a chapter that needed a change of luck. Unfortunately the bad luck hit our chapter hard in my first week. I had never felt so worried about anything, and I felt like I had potentially made a bad decision becoming Sage. My first instinct was to call Post, and that one phone call made me feel like I was not alone. Post not only helped me as a Chapter Director, but also helped me as a Brother. He made me feel like I wasn’t alone, and reassured me that I was fit to lead the chapter. 


My Story

I joined the Beta-Tau chapter of Sigma Pi Fraternity in 2009. As an undergraduate I served as the 2nd Counselor and the Herald, during my stint on the executive board, we were  awarded with the Top Fraternity award on campus. Within 4  months of graduating, I volunteered to become Beta Tau’s  Housing Corporation Secretary. In 2014 I began serving Beta Tau as the Chapter Adviser. For over 8 years now, I  directly work with my undergraduate brothers understand ing their needs and mentoring them as they grow as broth ers in Sigma Pi.  

I have had the opportunity to serve as a facilitator at  Sigma Pi’s Mid Year Leadership Conference on multiple  occasions. I had the pleasure of leading many through  the new Birkman education and working with several of  our esteemed alumni volunteers to improve the program  for the upcoming sessions.  My most recent accomplishment comes as the Chair of  Sigma Pi’s Constitution and Bylaws committee. As Chair,  I worked directly with our Grand Council and Executive  Office to completely overhaul our corporate document  

structure. This effort greatly prepares Sigma Pi to be a  much more agile organization and allows for our under graduate brothers to own chapter operations.  


Outside of Sigma Pi, I work as a mechanical engineer  for Whirlpool Corporation’s Refrigeration category. I  collaborate with a global team to deliver innovative  solutions, manage tradeoff decisions, make decisions  based on data, and win as a team. I also have a  Master Black Belt certification in Lean Six Sigma. I  have also completed Systems Engineering training  from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I truly  believe in using critical thought and data to make  decisions. I recognize that oftentimes there are  tradeoffs that must be fully understood when mak ing decisions. It’s important to not let emotions  drive decisions, instead investigate and dissect the  issue and attack the true root cause. 

I'm always looking to meet new brothers. Let's connect.

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