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It was great to see everyone at Homecoming this year! The actives did a great job getting ready for us and the houses looked great. Special thanks to the board for all of their great work this past year and welcome to our two new house corp directors, Antoine Hanchard and Paul Shafer Jr.

Alumni in attendance at homecoming:

Fred Beeching, Larry Warg, Juergen Voss, Rick Filip, Ken Sproul, Nick Harris, Michael Carver, Paul Shafer Jr., John Moreland, John Hess, Nate Chrzan, Zach Willis, Brian Breese, Larry Crawford, Todd Whittler, Terry Houlihan, Charles Busch, Matt Klemm, Tom Broadfoot, James Pleuss, Dennis Werner, Dan Rengstorf, Ryan Wojciechowski, Craig Frank, Bruce Kehe, Ben Piazza, Warren Ferber, Michael Heiberger, David Lyons, Ken Hibben, Ryan Post, Matt Smith, Jack Truax, Alec Bulger, Chandler Longley, Gary Schuessler, Collin Luft, Ken Metcalf, Joel Jenkins.

If you don't see your name on the list, please use the contact form so we can get you added to the roll call for this year's homecoming. It also means you probably missed the chance to pay dues so click that big blueish button in the top right corner too!

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