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There's no place like home

As an active, I didn't give much thought to life after graduation. Didn't think much about Homecoming or the houses at 803/805. Don't get me wrong, I loved living there. For me, after nearly 4 years at Valpo, I was ready to graduate and "make a few bucks."

After graduation I never missed a homecoming. One memory stays with me as I strolled the campus with my Brothers some 10 years after graduation. I walked with Steve Gerse and Ken Sproul as we came across three guys sitting on a rock wall drinking beer. It was a curious site, so I asked a few questions as we strolled back to the houses and 803 and 805; getting ready for Saturday Night fun. Why I asked would three guys be sitting on a rock wall drinking beer? Turns out their house had burned down and all that was left was the land. They went to pay tribute to a house that was no longer there. I could be wrong --- I think it was Lambda Chi. One guy said, "its all we have left..." We talked for a few minutes and headed for "home". I remember feeling very grateful, we had a place we could still call home. It was still a place to gather, laugh, and have a few beers. I am fortunate, we are fortunate .. there's nothing better than heading for "home." James Grummer Fall 1974

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