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Midsummers is July 10th

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Have you been cooped up and are ready to stretch your legs on the porch of 803? Maybe you've been sitting in brightly lit Zoom meetings and could really enjoy the soothing indoor 365 Christmas lights of 805? Is it possible that you just miss seeing good friends and brothers?

If you've answered yes to any of these questions, great news is here! The Midsummers weekend is going to be July 10th. On that Saturday we will have a brotherhood work day to get the houses in tip top shape before the Fall semester. There will be projects for all skill levels and a brotherhood Lunch on Saturday. If you are planning on attending please let Tom Broadfoot < > know so that we can plan accordingly.

Now some of you are saying, hmm, that's just one day, but he did say weekend. Well that's because 805 will be open for out of town brothers who would like to come in on Friday night and have a place to crash. Ceremonial banging of pots and pans before work haul starts is available upon request.

Planned Projects

  • General cleanup on 805 mainfloor

  • Jack up and relevel corner of 805 porch

  • 805 Drop Ceiling repair

  • Replace light bulbs in 805 mainfloor

  • Replace light bulbs in bar

  • Lattice board under 803 and 805 porches

  • Cut down 807 trees

  • Mulch around 805

  • Pour new concrete section in front of 803 (sidewalk repair)

  • Additional projects may be added as brothers begin to rsvp to Tom and we get a better idea of what the turnout will look like.

2013 Midsummers - When Smitty had hair and Post was naive and trusted Smitty with power tools

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