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Active Chapter Thankful for Safety Precautions, Alumni Support

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

The fall semester has begun, and we have a small but good pledge class of four in training. Fall classes are usually smaller, so this is normal. Moreover, only four other fraternities recruited anybody this semester, and only one of them beat us out for numbers—by one. The hard work and focus of the active brothers made a real difference.

Per university regulations, the chapter house cannot have any visitors at this time. Only actives and pledges are allowed inside the buildings, and homecoming is canceled. However, since these restrictions will have to end eventually, we anticipate equally good results in the spring as we continue to show our resolve to grow the active chapter.

Last month saw several alumni descend on the properties for an active-alumni work call. On the outside, they mowed the lawns, rototilled the volleyball court, and power-washed the exterior of 805. Inside, floors and walls were painted and other cleaning and maintenance were performed. Many thanks to the alumni for your support of the active chapter here at Beta-Tau.


Frankie Vazquez ’21


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